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Gobo and his mother were abused for years. They lived with a family who dressed them like human beings, ate and slept with them and allowed them to interact with everyone, including a small child. When the NGO took care of both of them, she had to surgically remove Gobo’s left eye, which had a severe ulcer because the animal was used as a toy. Both lived in terrible conditions and were eventually rescued by the organisation Stichting AAP, which decided to hand him over to us to live better.

Gobo still has a long adjustment process ahead of it, which you can help with as a sponsor.

Primates kept in this way have behavioural problems. They do not know how to find their way in nature: communication, finding food or shelter and protection from predators is something they have not learned. They would not be accepted in any social group, so their release would be a death sentence.

In their past lives, these animals have acquired unhealthy habits: drinking soft drinks or alcohol, smoking, putting on clothes, brushing teeth, eating inappropriate food and living in confined spaces. All this leads them to believe that they are human and not primates, and causes serious problems and deformities. Now we need to re-educate them to behave like monkeys and learn to live with individuals of their own species.

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