Welcome to this classroom in nature, where teachers have the best tools to practice live and students are offered a unique environment where they can deepen what they have learned in class and expand their knowledge of the flora, fauna and habitat in which they develop.

Classes in the middle of nature, all under the clear message of environmental protection, designed for school groups from 3 years old.

Discover the wide range of experiences we offer for children at all stages of development. Pupils are guided by educators who will discover all the secrets of the species that live in this oasis, without any increase in the entrance fee.

Our unique learning experiences provide links that they will not forget about the marked curricula. Children learn best by experimenting, and we offer them everything they need to discover the living nature.

With an approximate ratio of 30 students per educator, they will be assisted by a qualified guide from the park who will design a route according to the time and interests of the school group and will accompany them throughout the tour.

You can also request your tour in English for a fee of 60 euros, subject to availability.

You will also enjoy many additional activities:

  • Close encounters with animals
  • Live performances
  • Talks with animal keepers
  • Workshops
  • The life of plants
  • Evening events
  • Stock
  • Live training via social networks

Don’t forget to make a reservation for all visits and school programmes to get access to the group rates!

We also organise guided tours for educators, where they can get to know first hand our educational work in Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura.


Before arriving at Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura, form the student groups according to age and the teachers assigned and/or contracted.

Remember to bring: a water bottle, comfortable closed shoes, sunscreen and a cap.

Before making a reservation, choose the activity that best suits your needs. In this way it will be more agile and easier to manage.

In this way it will be more agile and easier to manage.


Close encounters with animals

Our unique learning experiences will enable students to connect directly with nature and learn about the need for positive action for our environment. All educational experiences last about one hour and can be carried out according to the age of the children.

Live performances

Learning by watching live. This is the aim of the didactic demonstrations that we give every day in our zoo. An opportunity for students to learn about the topics through their own experience, so that they will never forget them. Students learn by drawing their own conclusions, observing and critically reflecting on the importance of preserving their environment and protecting our natural environment.

Observing reptiles close up, knowing what parrots eat or watching birds of prey in free flight above their heads will be among the experiences they will have during these demonstrations. In this way, the children will acquire new knowledge through their experiments and emotions and will keep it for years to come.

Conversations with animal keepers

There is no one better placed to communicate the best about animals than those who live with them on a daily basis. Virtual or personal training sessions of 45 minutes can be done on some of our species, such as rescued primates, large mammals or the animals that live in our African savannah.

Students can consult all their questions about the secrets of these beautiful and interesting species.

Contact us and we will inform you!

For schools that so wish, the visit can be supplemented by workshops* adapted to the age and subject matter of the classes.


We learn to distinguish a pet from a wild animal. We will know the care and attention that pets need and the benefits that people have derived from them since ancient times.



We will learn the difference between living creatures and non-living matter, and the large groups into which living beings are divided.


In this workshop we will report on the many different species on our planet, focusing on the animal kingdom. We will examine the differences and the classification of animals according to their diet, reproduction, respiration, habitat and conservation status.



To be carried out on two consecutive days. On the first day, we will make toys and mobiles for different species (capuchin monkeys, monkeys, macaws…); on the second day we will place them in their enclosure in order to observe their reaction. In this way we will help to care for the animals in the park.



We will learn about the adaptations that the animals have developed in relation to their food, the environment, predators and the environment in general… and learn about the classification and nomenclature of living beings.



We learn about the environment around us, with examples of endemic and native animals and plants.


In these activities, pupils will observe the life processes of plants through simple experiments with real specimens, related to nutrition, respiration, circulation of substances and response to external stimuli. They will also learn about native Canary Island species and those that need to be protected for their survival.


Enjoy a tour in the largest cactus garden in Europe, where you will learn about the most important morphological characteristics and adaptations of the plants to the environment in which they grow. You can also visit our reserve for indigenous plants. The visit will be in the morning and will last about 3 hours.


We propose you to get to know the work in one of our nurseries and meet strange plants from all over the world; from carnivorous plants to succulents and epiphytes. In addition, the participants will learn about the different ways of propagation and will conclude with a planting workshop where each child will take a seed home and we will check the life cycle of the plants. All this can be done in the following nurseries: La Lajita Garden Centre and Puerto del Rosario Garden Centre.


It is possible to spend an evening under the stars, full of surprises and amazing events. Learn to recognize constellations and hear some stories about them. Discover the secrets of nocturnal animals or the colour of flowers that open at night. We will conclude with games that test the knowledge acquired during the day. The duration of the evening stay is about one hour.


Let your children or students discover our amazing flora and fauna from morning to night.

Imagine your pupils waking up to the singing of birds and the morning sounds of African elephants. They will certainly want to get up early that day! They will learn about the importance of nature conservation by enriching the environment or helping to feed some species; they will also learn about Canarian traditions during the evening.

A place where learning about nature is easier and also funny

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Every week we offer free live presentations about the work of our team members, the care of endangered species, animal rescue or the enrichment of the environment through us, which you can use as a resource in your lessons. Your students will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of our zoo to learn about and communicate the importance of our work for the conservation and protection of species.

Get to know our programs by consulting our social networks and be surprised by all the work we do every day at our center! It’s all about having nature in your classroom to learn to love and respect it.