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Welcome to the place where you will recover the lost contact with nature, have fun respecting the environment and create unique moments with your loved ones.

We are the hope in the middle of the desert where to recover what was lost to start again.

One million square meters of outdoor space to be explored

Our journey

began in 1985.

We started with a small plant production centre and a camel farm, with the help of a family who were passionate about wildlife and dreamed of passing on their passion for nature to all those who visited the island.
If we had imagined what we would become today, we would have regarded this as utopic. Now, our commitment to nature remains the same, but our work has multiplied, making us a great zoo and a center for the rescue and recovery of species.

Live encounters that will enrich you

Get to know the species that live in Oasis Wildlife, and let them get to know you.

It’s time to commit…

With the world now in its sixth extinction period, the conservation efforts provided by the world’s good zoos and aquariums are needed more than ever. Discover in our Oasis a place where conservation is a state of harmony between man and earth.

Our passion: our work

We get up every day to do what we love best: protect nature, encourage respect for all creatures, as well as their habitats, and generate a wave of empathy with the vulnerable wildlife.

Know who makes this possible:

An experienced team in different fields of veterinary medicine that protects and rescues hundreds of species that come to our center every year. Continuously trained and advised by international experts, they have carried out pioneering interventions in our centre.

Experts in the care of the different species, they are in charge of designing the day to day of our animals: the breeding, the space in the facilities, the diets, the environmental enrichments, the studies or the maintenance of the research and conservation projects that we develop.

We have internationally renowned botanical specialists in the care and study of our flora. It is not in vain that we are the largest botanist in the Canary Islands, and the largest cactus garden on the European continent is located here. Plant species unique in the world are preserved in our centre, from which we collaborate with organisations from all over the world.

Scientists responsible for the development of R+D+i projects such as the benefits of camel milk for health, primate protection or composting, work hand in hand with our teams every day at Oasis Wildlife. Research is a fundamental part of our centre’s project, which will allow us to take firm steps in the field of conservation, tourism or sustainable development. Research is a fundamental part of our centre’s project, which will allow us to take firm steps in the field of conservation, tourism or sustainable development.

With training in pedagogy, communication, biology, and environment, they spread and teach values of respect for biodiversity through environmental education activities.

Chekipa Hospital

Our veterinary hospital has been designed to care for all the animals in the zoo and those that arrive through rescue projects in which we collaborate.

It has areas of radiology, surgery, laboratory and pharmacy to take care of the health of all our guests, from small reptiles to large mammals.