Giraffe Experience

Giraffes, the African giants


When you get up close and personal with our giraffe family, in this close encounter, you will get a real sense of just how huge these majestic animals are.

Long legs, endless neck and wide open eyes. Giraffes are the true beauties of our African savannah.

These beautiful animals, of impossible proportions, are the watchmen of the savannah thanks to their privileged point of view, which raises them about five meters above the average. A position that, in nature, allows them to be the first to detect danger, from which they can escape at dizzying speeds, up to 60 kilometers per hour.


With the price of your entrance ticket or the purchase of this experience, you will be collaborating to mantain the projects we develop to guarantee the survival of these incredible animals.


Besides being the largest land animal in the world, they have incredible curiosities that you should know. Our proposal offers you a fresh look at these tall, peaceful and sociable animals, which are also in danger of extinction.

We will reveal data about the secret life of these African icons, how they sleep, their state of conservation, the dangers they face and a host of other curiosities. When you approach our giraffe family in this close encounter you will have a real idea of how huge these majestic animals are.

When you approach our giraffe family in this close encounter you will have a real idea of how huge these majestic animals are.

90 minutes.

We recommend closed shoes for this meeting and a lot of desire to have fun and learn.

Children under 4 years old will not be able to do this experience. Children between 4 and 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult with their own ticket for the experience.

299€ (adults) 190€ (children from 4 years old) Special prices for groups of 12 people. Check availability This meeting is not included in the general admission price. It is important that you make a reservation directly with Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura, at least one day before your visit.

This activity takes place in the morning. You can enjoy this activity from Tuesday to Sunday. You must book at least 48 hours before your visit, once you have booked we will contact you immediately to coordinate the day and time of the activity according to your needs and those of the team leading the experience.

This experience will be carried out in groups of maximum 6 people. To access, you must present the printed voucher at the ticket office. The entrance ticket to Oasis is essential for this experience.