Fauna Live

Sympathize with cold-blooded animals

Learn the secrets of reptiles and some omnivores in a magical setting: a beautiful garden of palms, waterfalls, with an impressive shipwreck and the sea as a backdrop.

In this educational exhibition you will discover the exciting world of species such as turtles, lizards, snakes, alligators, crocodiles, as unknown as they are vilified and unjustly feared for their unique appearance. Many of the prejudices that support these fears are nothing more than myths or legends far from reality.

We will show you what fascinates us about them and their vital role in nature. Reptiles are considered key species to ensure the survival of many ecosystems. If their populations decrease or become extinct, it can lead to the disappearance or extinction of many other species.

Learn to respect and understand the beauty of these cold-blooded animals, threatened by dangers such as uncontrolled petting or loss of habitat. Discover their importance, their secrets, how they live and how they have evolved….some are family of the ancient dinosaurs.