Birds Live

Observe the free flight of incredible birds of prey

On top of the Fuerteventura Botanical Garden, and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you have the opportunity to witness the impressive free flight of different birds of prey from around the world.

This 20 minute educational exhibition offers you the opportunity to learn about these creatures and their incredible abilities, as well as see them in action. We will share with you the history of each animal, as well as its characteristics, social behavior, morphology and conservation status. The zookeepers will invite you to fly high, while you learn by observing their skills. You will see how they respond to the call of their trainers with precision, making different types of landings in front of you.

Meet the fascinating peregrine falcons, the fastest bird, which can reach speeds of over 200 km/h, with impressive dives. Learn about their habitat and the natural threats they face. You can also discover barn owls, griffon and African vultures, kites, eagles and a host of other fascinating and unique birds.

During the whole encounter you will have to be very attentive because you may not realize that the birds with the best sense of hearing in the world, the owls, are flying above you. They can locate a mouse from more than 50 meters away, and in total darkness!