Sea Lions Live

Lean from the sea lions

Sea lions are fascinating animals. Our zookeepers will show you, in this educational talk, their natural behaviors, the freestyle dives, the swimming and control exercises that they do every day, or the flipper. Few species are able to move so well on land as in the water.

They will show you the characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of their “family”, the seals and the walruses, and you will discover other secrets of these incredible, familiar and brave animals, such as how long they can stay underwater.

In addition to learning all about these champions of survival, you will learn about the actions being taken around the world to protect them and recover their populations.

In this participative presentation, we will tell you how poachers from the native peoples of Patagonia trade with this species and why many fishermen consider them a competition, since they eat from the same shoals of fish they catch.

You will be able to take home a valuable message: We can all help them have a better future with small actions! Remember: keeping the oceans clean and conserving food sources and habitats for these animals is critical to their survival.