Back to nature

Breeding in captivity allows us to maintain endangered species, and then return them to their original habitats.

A success story

In Oasis Wildlife we have been participating for more than ten years, in collaboration with the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), in an important project to reintroduce the Cuvier’s gazelle (Gazella cuvieri), a species extinct in nature, into North Africa.

In 2016 the Cuvier’s Gazelle returned to Tunisia with Oasis Wildlife. More than a hundred gazelles already live in the Jebel Serj National Park in Tunisia, where this species was once at home, and last year the first young were born, confirming the success of the reintroduction project.

The founding group of this reintroduction, 43 gazelles (12 males and 31 females), was selected from the more than 300 individuals that made up the Cuvier’s gazelle population, from three Spanish recovery centres, including Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura.

Since 2006 we have been participating in this programme with both financial support and the contribution of eight specimens from the collection, from selected genetic lines, to give this species a chance to survive.

Our participation in the conservation of the fauna of North Africa will continue in the future with the establishment of collaboration agreements with other research projects undertaken in the area by national and international institutions.