Twenty-first century zoos and aquariums have the power to transmit the importance of the flora and fauna that coexist in the world. This is a responsibility that keeps us alert when trying to promote awareness and to involve people who, like us, fight against situations that threaten the environment. Our prominent role in preserving biodiversity means that Oasis Park is an institution that is committed to society and to its visitors. We must remember that Spain is one of the European countries with the greatest number of endangered species: a situation we are trying to improve on this side of the world.

We are aware of the risks and dangers, however, we fear the ignorance of those around us. Therefore, we have embarked on the arduous task of convincing our visitors. By understanding and respecting nature, they will also become guardians of the environment or simply people who are aware of the dangers involved in failing to look after and protect the Planet’s ecosystems. 

Act 31/2003 on the conservation of wildlife in zoos, which originated within a context of great social concern for the environment and the welfare of animals, requires zoos to comply with new environmental rules. Since this law was passed, keeping wildlife in captivity and exhibiting it in zoos cannot be justified unless certain conditions and goals have been established within the framework of the conservation of biodiversity. Consequently, zoos may only remain open if they take on a high-quality commitment in the field of conservation and education.