Zoo rules

Please follow the tips below to spend a fantastic day at the zoo:

· Don’t lose your smile or your ticket! Keep it for the whole visit. This is the only information we have about you.

· Switch to energy saving mode, walk around relaxed and observe the surroundings. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing.

· The fences are placed so that you cannot cross them. Respect the rules and signs.

· If you find this sign, this is not your way. Turn back!

· You can come to the park with food, but don’t share your meal with the animals, they wouldn’t do that either. Since you do not know exactly how the animals are fed, respect this.

· Shh, shh, a secret. Our animals… are wild! Must not be touched.

· The animals should be treated with respect and not be disturbed by noise or inappropriate or dangerous behavior. If you do not respect this, you are not welcome.

· “We reserve the right to enter” and expect you to behave in a civilised manner when you visit our house.

· Help us to keep the glass clean and to maintain the facilities. Do not lean on them, we might take your prints!

· Please report any breaches of the rules and situations that could endanger the safety of other people or animals.

· If you are under 16 years old, you must come with an adult.

· For you, for us, for all our good. Recycle!

· If you break something, we have to repair it or buy a new one. Please do not waste natural resources!

· It is not allowed to bring pets with you. Exception: if your best friend is also your orientation, we will welcome him/her. Come on, guide dog!

· Once you have bought your ticket, there is no refund. If you want to change your plans, you must have a valid reason.

· In very windy days or rain (rare here) we may make changes in our activities.

· During performances, especially those involving birds, you may not leave your seat without the permission of our staff. You are also not allowed to eat or throw objects.

· You cannot leave and re-enter the zoo with the same ticket. Please note this.

· We are a smoke-free zone. Enjoy the smells that nature offers you. PS: forgive our vietnamese sow.

· Take care of your things. If you find something that does not belong to you, please hand it in at an information point! You would also be happy if someone did this for you.

· We are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.

· It is not permitted to take photographs or make video recordings for professional or commercial purposes without the express permission of the organization.

Observe the animals with admiration and respect.