Sealions Live

Splendour and admiration overwhelm the dozens of people in a facility that houses our giant stars, the sea lions. In just a few minutes from the stands, you will learn how to distinguish a seal from our lively friends, in addition to the most surprising and interesting aspects of their anatomy. In spite of their beauty and intelligence, certain natural issues together with the actions of human beings are still affecting sea lions negatively. This is when we convey the importance of looking after our seas and oceans to our visitors. Ensuring a clean environment is crucial to the preservation of the marine ecosystem. Act now!

Our trainers dive with Nando, Ivonne, Lisa and Lobos in a show like a circus act. Using rings and balls, our stars jump out of the water to the rhythm of dancing music.  On the other side of the tank, above the stands where children and adults alike enjoy the show, someone will be livening up the event. Tons of enthusiasm at one of the most highly anticipated shows of the day, where trainers and visitors enjoy themselves, dance and offer you a unique experience: love for this fun and affectionate species. Grab a good seat, prepare your camera and take snapshots of their beautiful smiles. 


12:00 h. 15:00 h.