Lemur Experience

You have seen them in the zoo but nothing can be compared to the peace they display when you get near them. Oasis Park Fuerteventura has organised a marvellous encounter with these curious beings from Madagascar for our visitors. It may be difficult to believe, but these beautiful and enigmatic creatures fascinate our audiences when they touch their small, smooth hands as they are eager to touch whoever wants to meet them. In a peaceful environment, you will meet these small primates living in semi-freedom with their families, in facilities that allow you to feel their fur as it brushes you or when they grasp your fingers as you hold out your hand.

Their bright eyes stare at the people who have fearlessly set out on this adventure as if it were a challenge. They will try to communicate with you by sounds, sight and smell and you will have to be alert. Participants in this event, accompanied by our biologists, must be completely determined. You can observe and interact with the lemurs, allowing them to go where they like. By then, our visitors will have learned a range of particularities about this beautiful species which has to be protected from various threats to its natural habitat. At Oasis Park, we are dedicated to protecting our friends through various conservation and environmental enrichment programmes.

Important: due to security measures by Covid-19, the Lemur Experience interaction program is temporarily suspended