Sea Lion Experience

If you enjoyed the show, you can’t imagine what it will be like to get into the water with our friends. Try it out! You will become the special guest of our sea lions for 20 minutes; a period of time in which you will be able to feel their fur and breath, touch them and feel them in the water and on land. Not even the best hosts will make you feel at home like they do. The activity begins with a short chat where the team will teach you how to stroke and greet our stars, which will welcome you with open arms. Don’t be afraid if you get the biggest kiss of your life; it will be quite an experience!

We won’t lie; time will fly while Coco, or any of the other stars, try to show off their long whiskers. Look at me! As soon as you dive in, you will realise that their bodies are perfectly designed to move in the water and on land, although it will be in the pool where visitors will get up close to our sea lions. It won’t be a regular swim; their various exercises in the water will be the greatest experience of your life. It all depends on the affection you show to these interesting animals, which will show their interest by swimming around you, making you fly through the water or displaying their best smile when it is time to leave. 

When you arrive, we shall have a wetsuit and life jacket ready for you which you shall use once you have gone through a decontamination process to prevent the access of germs to our family’s habitat. They’re dying to meet you! 

Important: Due to security measures by Covid-19, the Sea Lion Experience interaction program is temporarily suspended.