Birds Live

The most exceptional of the Oasis Park shows takes place out in the open.  Enthusiasts of these wonderful creatures will fill stands surrounding the central stage and will be fascinated by the birds of prey exhibition, by their manoeuvres in the sky or skimming the ground, feeling the breeze as they take off. After this Presentation, our experts will explain the characteristics of each species and demonstrate them through a series of aerial exercises that will leave you completely spellbound. Hawks, vultures, eagle owls, barn owls, eagles... these birds of prey will display their abilities only a few metres from you.  Sometimes, they make you wait… Our expert showman highlights the extraordinary aspects of each bird and the environmental issues threatening them while we wait for the birds to come into sight. 

Even the shiest in the group enjoy the show while you prepare to take a photograph. A difficult task, especially if you realise that an eagle, one of the most intelligent birds of prey in the world, is capable to reaching speeds of 150 kilometres per hour when hunting. Oasis Park leaves nothing to chance, even for the most discerning customers and, therefore, in spite of the speed of the birds, you will be able to see them without moving from the stands. From that vantage point, experts and novices will be able to discover other dangerous and interesting aspects of these birds.

Don’t miss the open-air flying demonstration of these amazing creatures; a show far from the TV and cinema screens that turns you into the leading actor. Come fly with us!