Our workshops are free and must be selected by the school before the visit. There will be one workshop per class and the students will have the opportunity to learn about ecosystems and themed zoo areas in a fun and interactive manner, looking into theoretical concepts combined with practical exercises.

The idea is to introduce children to the world of animals in an original and fun way, encouraging respect for nature and its preservation through direct contact with it. Students will be accompanied by a specialised guide, who will also conduct the workshop. At these workshops, students will also experience new sensations through smells, textures, flavours, sounds, etc.


Available workshops
Infant School Primary School Secondary School
Feeding Meerkats and Mongooses Time with Titis and Lemurs Ovoscope and stages in the embryonic development in birds.
Looking after farm animals and pets Animal health and diagnosis Measuring and weighing young African turtles.
Aromatic herbs and cuttings Feeding parrots Lecture at the Botanical Garden on reforestation