Work Placement Agreements

Agreement with Esfortem

Since 2008, we have opened the doors of the zoo to people who want to finish their training by means of a wok placement. Students can understand subjects better and improve their knowledge on veterinary surgery, a type of training covered by an official agreement. Through various professional teaching programmes, we seek the ideal candidates to perform the most important task: to look after and protect our beautiful species.

Those interested should apply for the work placement to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the institution with which we have the above-mentioned agreement. Furthermore, our team will be delighted to provide as much help as possible to your educational process. We require effort and responsibility, which are essential attributes to belong to our enormous family.  You will improve your skills over time but we are more interested in your dedication and awareness about the environment in the heart of an African savannah that is dying to meet you: yes, you! We want to learn together with you!