Quality Policy

Our commitment to society requires us to maintain a critical and proactive attitude regarding tasks that we share with the main zoos in the world:

  • Preserve and protect species in danger of becoming extinct by means of breeding and research programmes.
  • Promote awareness of biodiversity through educational and training activities.
  • Offer enjoyable visits to the zoo with an extensive cultural content.
  • Maintain and preserve our facilities in perfect condition and provide a home to animals that represent key bio-geographical areas of the world.
  • Ensure the maximum safety of our visitors and of the species kept in the zoo.

To develop our tasks we need:

  • Detailed and exhaustive information on all the species on various formats.
  • Customer service.
  • An Educational Department that prepares a wide range of activities for the general public and for schools.
  • Restaurant and bar services, shops and a jungle bus that add to and make the visit a more pleasant experience.
  • Access to the facilities adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility.
  • Experts who work in a coordinated manner with other Zoos and Aquariums around the world, with research and conservation centres and with the main universities in the country.

Furthermore, we have Official Complaint / Claim Forms that customers can request at the Information Point in our facilities. The Oasis Park Fuerteventura Zoo undertakes to answer them within 15 working days. If you should have any suggestions or comments on your experience in the Zoo, please write to us using the reservas@fuerteventuraoasispark.com, although we shall also be available on social networks and we’ll find you.