The flowering desert


“Desierto Florido” (“The flowering desert”) arrives on the market: a tour along Fuerteventura through its autochthonous flora.



The arid island of Fuerteventura has a reputation for being biologically poor. But even after two thousand years of the destructive impact of man and his domestic animals, there are still isolated specimens of trees and shrubs that were once much more numerous and even formed forests. To discover them, you have to invest time, visit remote places and explore almost inaccessible gorges and rock faces. It is easier to get to know these plants through this new guide in which its authors Stephan Scholz, director of the botanical garden of Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura and expert on native plants of the Canary Islands, and César Palacios, geographer and naturalist, take us on a tour of the reserve of native plants in the botanical garden. In a work of more than 10 years, 80 of the most representative and endangered native plant species of Fuerteventura have been established in this reserve on six hectares, of which the new guide presents 67 in entertaining and precise texts and several photos of each of the plants, obtained in both the reserve and the natural habitat.