The excellent educational opportunity of having a large collection makes us an educational and cultural resource at the service of the community.

Every year, the Oasis Park educational department launches a campaign to raise awareness regarding the importance of ecosystems and of each and every one of the links connected with habitats, not forgetting the various groups that comprise the animal kingdom.

For this purpose, the team of professionals from our education department visits schools and high-schools around the archipelago giving Educational Speeches at auditoriums based on a highly original setting that simulates an Amazonian environment, in which more than 10 experts interact with the youngest, using various methods to attract their attention and make the event more entertaining.

  • Our Presentations cater for different levels, they are free and adapt to the school programme. You would be surprised at the results. We conduct them in March, April and May, announcing them in advance at all the schools. If you would like to attend one and receive further information, please contact our team at:
  • Our Educational Events take place at schools for free and are delivered throughout the year. Our biologists go to the schools and deliver a 45 minute educational speech, permanently interacting with the students. These events are announced at the beginning of the school year and attendance must be booked in advance. Take into account that there are limited seats. If you would like to book a place or if you need more information, please write to the following e-mail address: