Photographs with animals

3, 2, 1… Smile! It will be a struggle not to smile when standing next to your favourite animals, which you can visit as many times as you wish. Sometimes, in the case of outsiders, it is an adventure that only happens once in a lifetime and, therefore... a photograph is an absolute must. Here, you can preserve the best moments and relive the experience as many times as you like. A perfect excuse so that your family and friends will have no doubts about the experience you have just lived. They will know for a fact that you became friends with a sociable giraffe or an affectionate lemur and that you fed them as if they were yours. Although we are aware that you will not cease to capture moments and share your experience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we would like to remind you that, at Oasis Park Fuerteventura you can enjoy a unique experience: being photographed with your best smile and in the best company. 

Right from the beginning of the visit the park will offer the services of professional photographers who know how to make the most of every memorable setting, either at one of our facilities or standing next to your favourite animal. Don’t forget to collect your photographs at the Oasis Shop, open until 6pm every day. It is on your way out of the zoo, where you will say farewell and at the same time remember a marvellous moment you will be able to relive every day of your life. 

You can collect your photographs at the Oasis Shop as you leave the zoo.
Open until 6pm every day of the week.