Parrots Live

Pretty and docile

I’m sure more than once you’ve been struck by the beauty of its colors. When you look at them closely, they are even more beautiful!

The family of psittacine birds that you will discover in this educational exhibition is made up of specimens rescued from the illegal trafficking of species or from pets. They have been abandoned by people who acquire them, but who are not prepared for the difficulties involved in caring for such delicate animals. This is the first learning experience of our Lives! Don’t have species at home that you can’t give a proper life to.

At Oasis Wildlife we rescue and recover them, to offer them a second chance. In this educational exhibition, you will be able to get to know the Amazon parrots, macaws, cockatoos, yacos and other species of this bird family, in an environment that they feel is their natural environment.



Unfortunately, due to the regulations related to COVID-19, this activity is temporarily suspended until further notice.

They will fly free and you will be able to watch closely their natural behaviors. Meanwhile, we will talk to you about their origin and about curiosities that you probably don’t know about them.

You will be convinced that these birds are something more than those faithful companions of the pirates, on whose shoulders they always appear posed. They are noisy, colorful, and very intelligent birds. They have some apparently human characteristics, like the ability to handle food directly while eating. If we don’t look after them, they could soon disappear.