Parrots Live

We will take you under our wing so that you can discover the magic of our exotic birds: parrots – very special creatures that will accompany you during a very enjoyable educational programme.

Mind your head, as these affectionate, intelligent birds will fly very close to you, showing you the eye-catching colours of their plumage. During the programme you will be able to enjoy these beautiful birds flying freely, demonstrating their amazing dexterity and intelligence. Their flight is certainly a true burst of colour.

Furthermore, you will learn countless interesting facts about these animals from our team, who will transport you to their habitat and teach the whole family about the characteristics of these species, their curiosities and their way of life.

We bring you into the fascinating world of these endangered species and allow you to participate in our commitment to these birds, promoting respect, care and conservation. Additionally, we ensure that children don’t miss any detail of this educational exhibition. We keep the first rows reserved for children, where we guarantee the best view and parrots skimming over their heads.