Our Team

Our team consists of professionals from a range of fields that form an efficient multidisciplinary group: biologists, veterinary surgeons, environmental experts, teachers and educators in general. They are all fully aware of the importance of our task and of the effort it requires.


  • Facilities: we have a nature classroom that is not at all like a typical school classroom. On the contrary, it is imaginative, attractive and fully relevant to the educational department of a zoo.
  • Equipment and screens: We are equipped with a range of audio-visual and computer devices, such as screens, models, posters and traditional information.
  • Presentations on animals: We have large posters that we display during visits to explain the natural behaviour of animals, how they are looked after in the zoo and conservation issues.
  • Projects and guided tours: We have questionnaires adapted to the needs of specific groups of students of a given age; we ensure that students experience the sights, smells, sounds and movements of the various species.


We have conducted important educational projects with the intention of making the zoo available to the educational community as a didactic resource that is actively integrated in the current educational system and in the society in which we live.