Open Door Days

Don’t wait to hear about it from other people. Your readers, listeners and spectators deserve to know what is going on in every corner of Oasis Park Fuerteventura. Due to this need for first-hand knowledge of the sources, we provide members of the media with the opportunity to come and observe, participate and become immersed in each one of our facilities. The zoo’s history, the resurgence of the Botanical Garden or our distinguished Sunday event, the Farm-Crafts Market, can be visited right from the inside, where our science staff will be happy to answer any questions members of the press may have. 

By means of lectures and guided tours, we offer the chance to find out more about our work during a well-organised event in which you will receive answers to old or new concerns, at professional and personal levels, such as any special interest for one of our species. 

We shall announce the dates of these events on our website and by means of a press release. Please book in advance by calling 928161102 or writing to