Oasis Restaurant

Open all year round from 9am to 6pm.

We could say that this is just one more restaurant in the Canary Island gastronomic panorama but we would be lying. The atmosphere of the place predisposes the most demanding palates of customers in advance, enabling them to choose from a varied menu: typical Canary Island cuisine based on fresh meat and fish, salads from our vegetable gardens that will make you tingle with pleasure and congratulate our Majorero farmers. Furthermore, we adapt to all tastes, from home-made pizzas, rolls and sandwiches to the most distinguished cuisine. It won’t be difficult to surprise you. 

Located in communal areas near the entrance to the park and with a separate entrance to the zoo, this restaurant adheres to our philosophy. The lush tropical vegetation visible through large windows merges with the most ancient wildlife present in Oasis Park, such as the primates. Open all year round from 9am to 6pm, our waiters and waitresses will be happy to serve refreshing drinks or the best snacks, a perfect paring to replenish the energy used up on the route.
An important message for our visitors and residents: We maintain our Sunday tradition: “breakfast with churros and hot chocolate”, a perfect combination for the visitors to our farm and crafts market, where the aroma and beauty of the place will attract even the laziest on a Sunday morning.