Kid’s Farm and Park

Their smiles have never been so bright at any other zoo in the world. The Kid’s Farm will immerse children in a natural environment where the hosts are unable to talk but they do communicate. They do so when the children hold out their hands to touch the characters they have seen so many times in their favourite animated films: goats, cows, ponies, emus, horses, tortoises, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits. This is one of the facilities that young children love most, where the most affectionate animals live in semi-freedom. We know they will become good friends and the farewell will be the bitterest moment of the day. Don’t forget that you can remember them on our videos, photographs and, on your next visit you may be able to repeat the experience.

Not far away, the kid’s park ensures that our tireless adventurers will be able to enjoy themselves. There are a wide range of swings and a sand pit that will enable them to extend their adventure without holding on to mum and dad, who watch from a short distance as they play. This is also the ideal place for friends and family, who can take a break and allow the young ones to play with other nature lovers. Don’t forget to take deep breaths, we know that this experience requires a lot of energy. Rest a bit, my little friends!