Our journey began with flora with an ornamental plant nursery with species from around the world. We have been based in Fuerteventura since 1985, currently a Biosphere Reserve, and we would have been called utopians if we had dared to imagine our future. The Majorero essence of Fuerteventura cannot be understood without tourism and our story is connected to the current situation. Camels and the first Camel Safari on the island, a route from the heart of the zoo striding off to the horizon, became a tourist attraction that has consolidated over time. “This piece of Saharan Africa in the midst of the Atlantic”, as Unamuno described it during his exile, led to our specialisation: savannah fauna. A stroll through Oasis Park Fuerteventura immerses you in a unique and nostalgic journey through time.

In the effort to obtain a significant variety of flora and fauna we recreated a natural habitat defying the planet’s environmental hazards. This conservation work was undertaken as we began to grow, right from the first exotic creatures that populated our park (parrots, kangaroos and primates), to the larger animals that we had dreamed of (elephants, giraffes, hippos and sea lions). The flora, which has never ceased to be a defining element, has become an important ally of the most wonderful animals in the Canary Islands.