Food Bags

How often have you imagined feeding your favourite animals? At Oasis Park, we will grant you that wish by offering you a bag with ingredients based on the best diet for your unconditional friends so that you can feel them by simply extending your hand and offering the delicious food. It will be a way of interacting and earning the trust of the zoo’s residents, which will not run away if you give them a pleasant surprise and a great smile. Share it out because several animals will probably approach you, so you will have to ration it to be able to give them all a taste of the succulent appetizer.

You can buy the various animal-specific bags at stands, at the park ticket office or at the entrance, where staff will be waiting for you with a special bag so that you don’t have to waste time selecting the food for each animal. All the bags have a label with instructions and the type of food our animals need. We are trusting in you to look after and feed our family; not an easy task! Be responsible and remember that we are all part of Oasis Park; visitors come and go, but they stay. Look after them!