Environmental improvement

If we look back, we shall find that zoos have learned just as much as the people who visit us each day. This is the case of Oasis Park. Today, we try to adapt each one of the species to our facilities, recreating every detail of the physical-social environment to which they are accustomed. We try to simulate life in freedom, one of our most important tasks. Therefore, don’t be surprised to find balls, cuddly toys, hidden food and even coloured ribbons in some of the facilities. We want to minimise anything that may compromise the well-being of our animals and the very operation of the zoo, ensuring they have a better quality of life in our Oasis.  This is what we call Environmental Improvement. 

We introduce a number of changes to the daily routines of our species, which require their attention and effort. You must realise that animals, in their natural habitats, dedicate time and energy to finding food, building nests and defending their territory; behaviours that we must try to maintain. Our team is responsible for maintaining their original customs through a range of improvement programmes, ensuring that each animal is capable of developing daily mental and physical tasks. Each one of our actions is aimed at improving the quality of life of our little friends; it is our obligation to make them feel at home.
Currently, the team of biologists at Oasis Park Fuerteventura is applying the Environmental Improvement Plan to Primates, Chimpanzees, Baboons, Capuchin Monkeys and Patas Monkeys.