El Patio Majorero Restaurant

Open all year round from 12.00pm to 4.30pm.

From contact with the most exotic animals to enjoying the most exotic flavours, the local cuisine will fully satisfy those who wish to indulge their palates with a wide range of dishes. Apart from the gastronomy, the views are also important when we speak of comfort and quality of life; inseparable concepts over time. With spectacular views of the thousands of specimens in the Botanical Garden, the Patio Majorero Restaurant has a pleasant open-air terrace in the rustic style. The food fades into the background when the most beautiful flora one can imagine catches your eye, while you try to distinguish the native plants from our lovely succulents.

The central role played by our plants does not detract from the significance of the dishes this restaurant has to offer, from typical Canary Island dishes, such as fresh fish, appetisers and salads from our vegetable gardens, to seasonal meat, mixed dishes, pasta, pizza and sandwiches. People with a sweet tooth can enjoy the home-made desserts that make you tingle with pleasure after every bite. Talking about desserts, let’s not forget the kid’s menu, especially designed for your children. An unforgettable experience given its location and decoration; completely integrated in the Botanical Garden. Something you won’t forget. See you there! Share it!