Educational Offer

Education is one of the pillars of Oasis Park Fuerteventura. We want our visitors to learn about, appreciate and respect nature and the environment. We propose the following activities aimed at various educational cycles and learning levels completely free of cost:

01. Non-guided visit

Teachers choose the route that best adapts to their needs, without time limits and with the help of a map-guide provided at the ticket office. On request, the park can plan a route.

02. Guided Tour

This is undertaken by one of Oasis Park’s educational supervisors. The visit is planned from beginning to end, including a workshop. The workshop is selected in advance by the teacher, who may consult available options in the educational offer section. Guided tours do not only seek to explain the various species that live in the zoo, but they also enable visitors to know why they are there, their stories, what has happened to the various species for them to need our help to prevent them from becoming extinct, etc. The visit also includes the observation and use of biological material, such as feathers, fur, teeth, horns, etc. that we use as props and are key to explaining certain aspects.

These tours can be an excellent complement to various aspects of the school programme, such as working with plants and animals, but they can also contribute to developing responsible attitudes regarding our environment and allow students to learn about certain scientific studies and understand the importance of preserving biodiversity for today and for the future of our society.


03. Customised tours

We design new and attractive tours based on your requirements and school programmes. Our educators will visit your school to bring the zoo to the classrooms and encourage closer contact between our educators, the students and, of course, you, the teachers, who have a lot to contribute to our activities.


Please, feel free to ask for our school offer in PDF at the following e-mail address: