We have brought together a team of biologists, veterinary surgeons, environmental experts, teachers and educators with the mission of convincing you. There’s no way around it, this is the most direct way of reaching you. Our mission at Oasis Park is to promote awareness among our visitors and other people about the importance of our task as an educational unit. We believe it is necessary to bring the zoo closer to people’s homes and schools, working as an educational resource that is actively integrated in the educational system and in the society in which we live.

We avoid the classroom and work in the midst of nature, where our full team of experts will be expecting you. We prepare posters on our conservation work and about the zoo; we prepare other material and projects and dedicate more time to educational workshops and guided tours. Another of our tasks is to attract your attention and commitment. Every year, through various campaigns, we explain our ideas at schools, high-schools, leisure centres and auditoriums. Our objective is to create a pool of guardians, young defenders of our environment and of our beautiful animals; the ones that also need your care and environmental responsibility. It’s quite simple, we are seeking to achieve a fully-committed society. For this reason, Oasis Park cooperates with environmental organisations, national and regional authorities, scientific institutions, associations and private companies that share our view. Join us!