Disabled People

The group of people with disabilities is one of our regular visitors. Based on your demands, we have established an Educational Project adapted to your needs.

If you want additional information or have any questions, please contact us by calling to the phone 928 16 11 35 or sending an email to: reservas@fuerteventuraoasispark.com

It is becoming increasingly common to use animals to develop different types of therapies to help improve the condition of people suffering some type of illness or disability. At Fuerteventura Oasis Park, we are committed to improve health through therapies which include fun interactions with our sea lions colony and Madagascar Lemurs.

An unforgettable opportunity to live an extraordinary experience!

Toilets for Disabled People

Installations are fully accessible; we have accessible toilets for people with reduced mobility, distributed in different parts of the zoo.


The park is fully prepared to facilitate access to disabled people with wheelchair, to all spaces and enclosures. In the shows areas, such as sea lion show, reptile show raptors and parrots show, there is an area reserved for the chairs, improving then the visualization of attraction. We also offer the renting of electric wheelchairs if that would be desired.

Parking Spaces

We have a large area of parking in the nearby areas reserved for people with reduced mobility.