We know that the days without school can be very boring, no spark, and no excitement when Mom and Dad have to go back to work despite the long summer days. Your warrior kids need action and adrenaline, learning every minute what our environment teaches them. At the Oasis Park in Fuerteventura we have what you're looking for ... 100% outdoor, in the fresh air, the most beautiful nature you could ever want  your children to be surrounded by, where they will learn the secrets of the animal world and the different ecosystems of our planet.

Let's get to work! And we will need the help of those who have a special force ... and the animal lovers. In this adventure we can only take children aged between 4 and 14 years old, to live with our exotic creatures. With integrated educational workshops, Oasis Park Fuerteventura provides additional and varied camp programs, adapted to the needs of specific groups and organisations. 

Summer camps

We provide summer camps for 6 weeks in the summer. 5 day shifts with overnight stay in the park and each week a very special theme, we are sure you will love the originality of the proposal.

For adventure lovers and all those seeking a different camp this is a dream come true: Assault course, social evenings in the park, water sports, swimming with sea lions and best of all, sleep every night in the heart of the park full of wild animals and vegetation... you will not be bored!


Easter Camp

Easter Camps last for 3 days, including sleeping in the park. They are organised camps with a full itinerary of adventure, interactions with animals, workshops related to wildlife, social evenings and most importantly, fun is guaranteed!

If you need any other information or have any request, please contact us by calling to our phone 928 16 11 02 or sending an email to: