Camel Experience

There is a story behind every animal; however, camels are the force behind the legend of Oasis Park Fuerteventura. Originally from Africa, they were brought to the Canary Islands in 1405. Brown and blue eyes, long eyelashes and a single hump are the features of this desert animal capable of carrying up to 500 kilograms. With this information, we move away from the classical zoological definition to stray into a spectacular oasis where camels are the key elements of the event together with our adventurers. 

Sitting on a saddle that adapts perfectly to the features of this valuable animal, visitors can embark on an unprecedented adventure, a trip to the unknown, inside and outside the zoo. Every landscape is unique. However, you will have to decide. Contemplate other beautiful animals from above on a short route or take a longer trip to the top of the mountain, from where you can enjoy views of the horizon or the Botanical garden of our paradise. Lurching from side to side, to the rhythm of the camel and with our smiling guides, you won’t want to miss any opportunity to photograph the landscape. They will trot while your pulse accelerates. Ancient historical sites will pass before your eyes without warning.... while you learn to treasure the experience on the largest camel reserve in Europe. You won’t forget it!